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sg_slashers's Journal

Singapore Slashers
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If you understand the following words, slash, canon, fandom, pairings and yaoi, chances are you are in the right place. Just another friendly community for slashers, especially those from Singapore. Heck, you can even have a Mary Sue or two lurking in your closet, we won't judge you.

If your fandom isn't listed in the interest, you are always welcomed to join. Your interests may be added later on.

General Etiquette
No flaming or slamming anyone in this community. Make your stay an enjoyable one!

On Posting Images
     i. Images beyond the dimensions of 500x500, or are not work-safe, should go under a cut.
     ii. If you have more than three images, please use a cut. Otherwise, it's up to you.

On Fic Recs
Fic recs needs to be slashy in the first place.

Title: (a linked title)
Pairing: (Optional)
Synopsis: (at least one line)
Reasons for rec: (optional)

1. Join the community.
2. Make an introductory post.
3. Share an image from your fandom in that post.
4. Be as active as you can; promote your slash fandom.

None yet~